Moberly Family
Moberly​ Family History
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​From The 11th Century                 A work-in-progress ​​
Fidelis Ad Mortem

It all started in 1206 when Patrick de Mobberley founded a small Priory of regular canons of the order of St. Augustine.   St Wilftids Church at The Parish Of Mobberley was started in 1245

Moberly Geneology

1153 -   B Augustine de Brethmete. 

1157     B Patrick De Mobberley

1183     B John De Mobberley

1213     B Raufe De Mobberley

1258     B William De Mobberley

1331     B Sir De Raufe Mobberley

1705     B Katharine Mobberley

1725     B Richard Moberly
              M Jane Adams 
                          1756 12 17 Elizabeth

1759     B Edward Moberly
              M Sarah Cayley 1785 07 03
                         1803 George(Bishop)

1789    B Captain John Moberly
            1825 M Maria Fock
                          1829 Mary 
                          1830 George
                          1832 Walter
                          1835 Henry John
                          1838 Clarence Wishaw
                          1840 Arthur
                          1843 Sophia
                          1845 Frank
                          1847 Maria
1835 08 02  B Henry John
                     Penetanguisihnie On

           1861 M MaryJane Ross
                              John Walter

                      John Walter

                     M Francoise LeFleur
                     1872 Frank Arthur
                     1874 Mary Alice
                     1879 George Alan  
                     1881 Annie L
                     1885  Katie Martha
                     1874 Alice May 
                     1875 Walter Wishaw                                         1883 Fannie 

1879 05 27 B George Alan Moberly
                    1908M Aurora Eveline Tate
                    1911 Harry
                    1915 Una
                    1920 Francis
                    1921 Robert                                                        1927 Kenneth                                                    1928 12 28 Russell Frank                     

1928 12 28 B Russell Frank
                    1950 07 11 M Nadia Cyzchowski
                    1953 B Grant Moberly
                    1956 09 28 Cheryl 

1953 02 28 Grant Moberly
                   M Shirley Wait 
                   Rachelle Moberly
                   M Armande Perreault
                   1978 04 10 Vanessa Moberly
                   1982 12 12 Matthew Moberly

1803 10 10 Bishop Geaorge Moberly
                    (Bishop of Salisbury)                                        M: Mary Ann Crokat
                          Alice George                                                      Mary Edith                                                          Dora Elspeth                                                      Frances Emily,                                                    Robert Charlotte,                                              John Cornelius,                                                  Walter Allan,                                                     Selwyn William   

Henry John Moberly​​

Henry John was born in Penetanguisine, Ontario August 2, 1835 to Captain John and Maria (Foch) Moberly

Captain John Moberly​​

John was born in St Petersburg, Russia on June 25 1788 to Edward and Sarah (Cayley) Moberly. He joined the Royal Navy at 12 years of age and became Post Captain at age 27.
George Allen Moberly​​​​

Grandpa George was born May 27, 1879 to Henry John and Francois La Fleur, George married Auroroa Eviline Tait who issued Russell, my Father.
Russell Frank Moberly​​​​

Grandpa George was born Dec 10, 1928 in Prince Albert, Sk. Married Nadia Nellie Czychowski July 11, 1950.  They then had the amazing baby Grant on February 21, 1953.

Edward Scott Moberly

B 7 Oct 1759 in Knutsford, Cheshire (just 3
km northeast of Mobberley and 30 km
east of Liverpool.  D 26 Apr 1827 at Balham Hill, Surrey) M 3 Jul 1785 Sarah Cayley

Edward’s Life
Edward was a Merchant in St. Petersburg,
Russia and became a British
Consul in 1820 due to his marriage into
the Cayley family.
i Harriet Moberly [16 Apr 1786 in St. Petersburg,
Russia,‐ 2 Oct (or 22 Sep) 1787
in St. Petersburg, Russia]
ii Charles Moberly [12 (or 24) May 1787 in
St. Petersburg, Russia—4 Feb 1874 in
Brunswick Parade, Brighton, England], a
Edward Scott & Sarah (Cayley) Moberly, 3rd Great Grandparents
John & Ann Nancy (Adams) Foulds, 2rd Great Grandparents
Pmerchant and also Governor of the Russian
Company, m (1) Mary Cloudsdall
Porter (bef 1802‐), m (2) Cornelia Wilks
(abt 1818‐)
iii John Moberly (see p. 3)
Iv Frances (Fanny) Moberly [21 Aug (or 5
Sep) 1789 in St. Petersburg, Russia—4
Sep 1872) m Robert Ca􀆩ley
V Henry Moberly [30 Jan (or 10 Feb) 1791
in St. Petersburg, Russia— 5 Jul 1852 in
Madras, India or apoplexy], a Lieutenant
Colonel and later Colonel in the Madras
Army, known as "Capt. Moberly" in the
East India Register (1824‐1831) and later
"Major Moberly., Sectetary of the Military
Board" (1837). He m (1) Henrie􀆩a
Bell [1793—12 Aug (or 12 Jul) 1844 in
Madras, India]
vi William Moberly (3 or 15 Jun 1793 in St.
Petersburg, Russia—29 Sep 1871 in St.
Petersburg, Russia or London, England),
an alum maker who employing 228 persons
in 1851. He m (1) Anna Maria Presco
􀆩 (1795‐5 Aug 1828), m (2) Louise
Henrie􀆩a Mar􀆟n (31 Aug 1806 or 1807 in
Neuchater, Switzerland—6 May 1882)vii Edward Moberly (11 Nov 1794 in St. Petersburg,
Russia, ‐ 3 or 11 Oct 1795 in St.
Petersburg, Russia)
viii Harriet Moberly (4 or 16 Feb 1797 in St.
Petersburg, Russia—1 Jan 1849), m
Thomas Harvey

Moberly House at MacDowall
The Battle Of Borodino of the Napoleonic Wars .. Captain Johns' Father In Law was the Artillery Commander for Russia.
Captain John was aboard the Little Belt Sloop on 16 May 1811 when it engaged by the Frigate USS Prsident.  The Little Belt was a 20 gun warship and the USS President was a 44 gun warship.
The Right Reverend George Mob erly, Bishop Of Salisbury
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