Moberly Family
Moberly​ Family History
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​From The 11th Century                 A work-in-progress ​​
Fidelis Ad Mortem
At 1AM February 23, 2018 Mom escaped from Alzheimer Hell and her funeral is on Wednesday at 1PM.
It all began when a Ukrainian Farmer, Taras Czychowski and his wife Helena emigrated from Zdolbunov in the Ukraine aboard the SS Polonia on May 29, 1929 with $100 cash and a heart full of hope. Helena was 28 and Taras was 35, Bazyli (Uncle Bill), 9 and Marja (Aunty Marie), 4.  They settled 45 Km north of Prince Albert under the Homestead Act and carved a life and a farm out of 160 acres of brush/forrest and a slough.

Guido Taras and Baba Helena built a log house (that I got to live temporarily in many years later) and Mom arrived about the next year because it was very cold in the log house in the winter. 

Mom originated the saying ... "I walked to school 10 miles through the snow uphill both ways"  In fact Mom often walked to school 4 miles through the snow both ways but there were no hills.
Baba Helena, Aunty Marie, Guido Taras and Uncle Bill in front of the log house